Generic Solutions

Industry standard specifications may not always cover wireless operators’ specific needs and requirements.  This often times forces wireless operators to define their own test plans. Due to evolution and migration to newer wireless technologies, gaps are created which may not be covered as well. W2BI’s generic test solutions are developed with the objective of bridging such gaps. Generic solutions can be used by wireless operators and device manufacturers equally during any phase of the device development, testing and certification processes. Generic solutions aim to provide an extensible test platform to the wireless operators and device manufacturers covering existing and additional test scenarios. Generic test solutions cover 3GPP and 3GPP2 technologies. Most testing processes are manual and time consuming. Also industry standard testing do not cover parameter configuration to support R&D or troubleshooting-type testing. Generic test solutions add automation which saves time and allows modification of testing parameters that covers developmental, R&D or troubleshooting-type scenarios.

Generic test solutions from W2BI combines our proven test automation platforms with multiple network emulators and our expertise on device automation side to address testing requirements for every carrier. These solutions are based on industry standards and published test plans or test plans developed by W2BI. Some solutions are turn-key (emulator hardware and test software together) while some solutions have a choice of emulators (usually provided by the customer) to be used with the test solution. Generic test solutions can be purchased by any carrier, test lab or device manufacturer. Generic test solutions cover 2G, 3G and 4G networks and bundles all the elements needed for effective device testing. Generic test solutions offer a wide range of customization on the device, network configuration, test environment and parameters. Generic test solutions combine multiple test elements into one seamless test execution environment.  It maintains a uniform test experience, therefore reducing training requirements and the test results analysis time.


  • Ability to deploy the best network emulation equipment for a given task
  • Automation supports a variety of device form factors, including feature phones, data cards, modules, netbooks, tablets, etc.
  • Automation support for smart phones - Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows X86 and more
  • Intuitive user interface across 3G and 4G test plan implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and customer support using an established test lab and processes


  • Shorter test cycles means more testing can be performed per unit time and devices go through more rigorous and thorough test process
  • Ability to perform full cycle, independent, regression and stress tests giving customers precise control of the testing process
  • Customization profiles and test cases allows more user control
  • Non-destructive and non-intrusive testing
  • Precise and accurate implementation of all test procedures gives customers peace of mind and tedious comparisons to the specifications
  • Quick and timely deployment with training support
  • One year maintenance included with initial deployment


  • Automated testing environment for testing multi-mode devices
  • Reporting includes summary, detailed and debug reports
  • Simulation and testing of real-world like scenarios for different test cases
  • Customization of settings allow users to simulate custom-scenarios
  • System architecture expandable to seamlessly include additional emulator hardware simulating different network access technologies
  • Simple add-on to customers’ existing automation modules from W2BI
  • Batch mode automation interface to devices or other systems to enable end-to-end automation.