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Micro Line Tester (MLT™)

W2BI’s Micro Line Tester (MLT™) test platform supports testing of 5G NR, LTE, Cat-M1 and NB-IoT devices. The system lowers the cost of test during the development and production life cycles, provides a high level of scalability and supports 5G, 4G, Cat-M1, NB-IoT, WCDMA, and GSM test features. MLT is a self-contained portable and cloud-managed test system. It provides a functional test environment with user accounts, activation/maintenance, test plans and reporting analytics/publishing. The system is designed to be managed remotely and distributed across remote groups to accelerate the time to market. The MLT contains fully controllable eNodeB, EPC and IMS for extensive scenarios.

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QUIKSTRESS™ testing platform is designed for lab and live testing. The platform was adopted by a leading Wireless Service Provider to support both device pre-launch and device reverse logistics processes. In the pre-launch process the devices are tested with all the applications loaded on the device exercising real end-customer usage scenarios and ensuring there are no adverse impacts on user experience under varying network and device stress conditions. In the device post-launch process QUIKSTRESS is designed to identify and troubleshoot customer experienced issues at the point of sale or to reduce the No Fault Found (NFF) devices at the repair centers to save millions of dollars both for OEMs and Operators.

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4G Test Automation (QUIKPROBE™ and Q-DAAT™)

End-to-end test automation of devices and applications has become more critical in the launch of new 4G services, such as, VoLTE, Rich Communication Services (RCS), NFC transactions, multimedia services, etc. in order to deliver an excellent customer experience. In order to simulate realistic end user scenarios, W2BI has developed extensive set of test plans that control both the smart device and the network emulators in a lab environment. The control of the smart device enables to perform realistic end user activities and measure the results directly on the device to ensure there are no performance impacts on the device (e.g. throughput, voice quality, jitter, battery drain, etc.) or the service.

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Test Plan Compliance

W2BI’s test automation offers significant advantages to a test plan execution when compliance is up-to-date, and the staff at W2BI works closely with Operators’ organizations to ensure that upgrades and revisions to the existing suites are current with the latest test plan changes. This continuous process is driven by priorities defined by the Operators. In addition, W2BI’s periodic maintenance releases offer ease of set-up, multiple network emulation hardware choices, and other improvements.
Recently W2BI introduced automated tests based on CTIA’s Battery Life Test Plan for UE acceptance using Keysight’s UXM Wireless Test Set. This automated solution relays more reliable information to makers of smart devices, and enables more effective development. The test solution has been developed in accordance with a number of test cases as defined within CTIA Battery Life Test Plan rev 1.0 and TS.09-v7.6. The new solution enables a consistent and efficient way of smartphone battery testing that is based on real end-user behavior, and is the result of collaboration between the two companies, where W2BI developed the scripts using Keysight’s UXM Wireless Test Set and N6705B DC Power Analyzer.

Download Application Note for W2BI QPG-1000 Test System for CTIA Battery Life Test.