Reverse Logistics Solutions


Advancement of mobile technology and vast amounts of application availability has increased the adoption rate of smartphones among consumers. Yet devices returned by the customers within 90 days of the purchase has not decreased and 60-70% of the issues reported are software related. These returns have a large cost impact on both operators and device manufacturers (OEMs), as at the points of sales (POS) or repair centers, there are no right tools to reproduce reported software related issues or identify devices with no fault or trouble.

W2BI’s QUIKSTRESS™ testing platform addresses this issue. It enables operators, OEMs and repair centers to validate or identify reported customer experience and device performance issues either on live or in lab emulated network environment. Thus reducing the returns at the POS and the No Fault Found (NFF) devices in the reverse logistics process.

QUIKSTRESS patented automated user scenario-based testing:

  • Provides Pass/Fail verdict on definable criteria
  • Measures application impact on device and network
  • Evaluates device (i.e. battery, CPU, memory, throughput, etc.) and app performance under varying network (e.g. network edge, fading signals, iRAT handovers, IP connectivity issues, etc.) and device conditions
  • Detects signaling storm created by applications Produces summary and detailed test reports
  • Captures diagnostic logs and OTA messages for troubleshooting